Cool, but What Can I Do with It?

AppScope offers APM-like, black-box instrumentation of any unmodified Linux executable and application. You can use AppScope in single-user troubleshooting, or in a distributed production deployment, with little extra tooling infrastructure. Especially when paired with Cribl Edge or Cribl Stream, AppScope can deliver just the data you need to your existing tools.

Instrument, Collect, and Observe

  • Metrics about process and application performance.
  • Logs emitted from an application – with zero configuration – delivered to log files or to the console.
  • Network flow logs, metrics, and all DNS requests.
  • File open and close operations, with I/O consumption per file.
  • HTTP requests to and from an application, including URI endpoint, HTTP header, and full payload visibility.
  • HTTPS too :)

AppScope works with static or dynamic binaries, and can instrument anything running in Linux. The CLI makes it easy to inspect any application without needing a man-in-the-middle proxy. Once you've gained familiarity, you can use the AppScope library independently of the CLI, with even more fine-grained configuration options.

AppScope collects and forwards StatsD-style metrics about running applications. With HTTP-level visibility, any web server or application can be instantly observable. AppScope's output allows you to use general-purpose tools instead of specialized APM tools and agents.

Use Cases

You could do any of the following with AppScope (see Further Examples for details):

  • Send HTTP events from Slack to a specified Splunk server.
  • Send metrics from nginx to a specified Datadog server.
  • Send metrics from a Go static application to a specified Datadog server.
  • For any of the above examples, substitute your analytics tool of choice. Optimize the data flow by mediating it through Cribl Stream.
  • Run scope service sshd in the AppScope CLI, so that the next time the sshd service starts, it will be scoped.
  • Run Firefox from the AppScope CLI, and view results on a terminal-based dashboard.
  • Run Google Chrome from the AppScope CLI, and view results on a terminal-based dashboard. And be surprised.
  • Monitor multiple Apache instances in a server farm, running the data through Cribl Edge to Cribl Stream.

People in different roles can solve different problems with AppScope. Consider the following use cases, explored in depth in blog posts by the AppScope team: