Using TLS for Secure Connections

AppScope supports TLS over TCP connections. Here's how that works:

  • AppScope can use TLS when connecting to LogStream or another application (including its events and metrics destinations).
  • Once AppScope establishes the connection, data can flow over that connection in both directions.
  • This means that when you tell AppScope to connect using TLS, the connection is secured by TLS in both directions.

For security's sake, AppScope never opens ports, nor does it listen for or allow incoming connections.

To enable TLS: In the scope.yml config file, set the transport : tls : enable element to true.

To see the TLS-related environment variables, run the command:

ldscope --help configuration | grep TLS

Using TLS in Cribl.Cloud

AppScope uses TLS by default to communicate with LogStream Cloud (that is, LogStream in Cribl.Cloud). LogStream has an AppScope Source ready to use out-of-the-box.

Within Cribl.Cloud, a front-end load balancer (reverse proxy) handles the encrypted TLS traffic and relays it to the AppScope Source port in LogStream. The connection from the load balancer to LogStream does not use TLS, and you should not enable TLS on the AppScope Source in LogStream. No changes in LogStream configuration are needed.

AppScope connects to your Cribl.Cloud Ingest Endpoint on port 10090. The Ingest Endpoint URL is always the same except for the Cribl.Cloud Organization ID, which LogStream uses in the hostname portion, in the following way:


If you disable TLS, the port is 10091.

CLI usage

Use scope run with the -c option:

scope run -c tls://host:10090

Configuration for LD_PRELOAD or ldscope

To connect AppScope to a LogStream Cloud instance using TLS:

  1. Enable the transport : tls : enable element in scope.yml.
  2. Connect to port 10090 on your Cribl.Cloud Ingest Endpoint.

To enable TLS in scope.yml, adapt the example below to your environment:

  enable: true
    type: tcp  # don't use tls here, use tcp and enable tls below
    port: 10090 #'s port for the TLS AppScope Source
      enable: true
      validateserver: true
      cacertpath: ''

Scoping Without TLS

If you prefer to connect to LogStream Cloud without encryption, connect to port 10091 instead of port 10090, and disable the tls element in scope.yml.

No changes in LogStream configuration are needed.