AppScope 0.6

2021-04-01 - Maintenance Pre-Release

This pre-release addresses the following issues:

  • Improvement: #99 Enable augmenting HTTP events with HTTP header and payload information
  • Improvement: #38 Disable (by default) TLS handshake info in payload capture
  • Improvement: #36 Enable sending running scope instances a signal to reload fresh configuration
  • Improvement: #126 Add Resolved IP Addresses list to a DNS response event
  • Improvement: #100 Add scope run flags to facilitate sending scope data to third-party systems; also add a scope k8s command to facilitate installing a mutating admission webhook in a Kubernetes environment
  • Improvement: #149 Apply tags set via environment variables to events, to match their application to metrics
  • Fix: #37 Capture DNS requests' payloads
  • Fix: #2 Enable scoping of scope
  • Fix: #35 Improve error messaging and logging when symbols are stripped from Go executables

AppScope 0.5.1

2021-02-05 - Maintenance Pre-Release

This pre-release addresses the following issues:

  • Fix: #96 Corrects JSON corruption observed in non-US locales
  • Fix: #101 Removes 10-second processing delay observed in short-lived processes
  • Fix: #25 Manages contention of multiple processes writing to same data files

AppScope 0.5

2021-02-05 - Initial Pre-Release

AppScope is now a thing. Its public repo is at