What Is AppScope

AppScope is an open source, runtime-agnostic instrumentation utility for any Linux command or application. It helps users explore, understand, and gain visibility with no code modification.

AppScope provides the fine-grained observability of a proxy/service mesh, without the latency of a sidecar. It emits APM-like metric and event data, in open formats, to existing log and metric tools.

It’s like strace meets tcpdump – but with consumable output for events like file access, DNS, and network activity, and StatsD-style metrics for applications. AppScope can also look inside encrypted payloads, offering WAF-like visibility without proxying traffic.

AppScope in-terminal monitoring

Features: Instrument, Collect and Observe

  • Runtime-agnostic, no dependencies, no code development required, including static executables
  • Capture application metrics: File, Network, Memory, CPU
  • Capture application events: console content, stdin/out, logs, errors
  • Capture any and all payloads: DNS, HTTP, HTTPS
  • Summarize metrics and detect protocols
  • Normalize and forward metrics and events, in real time, to remote systems.