Getting started is easy. Install AppScope, then explore its CLI.

Get AppScope

You can download as a binary to run on your Linux OS, or as a container.

Download as Binary

First, see Requirements to ensure that you’re completing these steps on a supported system.

Next, use these commands to download the CLI binary and make it executable:

LATEST=$(curl -Ls
curl -Lo scope$LATEST/linux/$(uname -m)/scope
curl -Ls$LATEST/linux/$(uname -m)/scope.md5 | md5sum -c 
chmod +x scope

That's it!

To verify installation, run some scope commands:

scope run ps -ef
scope events
scope metrics

Download as Container

Visit the AppScope repo on Docker Hub to download and run the most recently tagged container:

The container provides the AppScope binary on Ubuntu 20.04.

Explore the CLI